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15 March 2015 @ 10:32 pm
Submission Guidelines & Frequently Asked Questions  

  • Fic submissions should be 800+ words

  • Drabble Submissions should include at least 8 complete drabbles

  • Fics should be complete or should be able to stand on their own even if you intend to finish it later

  • Fics can be posted to your site of choice - LJ, AO3, FF.net, Tumblr, etc. - but please post a link to it in the community. If you don't have an LJ you can email/message/tumblr ask me the link and I will post it to the comm
    • If you're using AO3 don't forget to add it to the Closer Fic Fest group
    • No matter where you choose to post it it will be listed in the master archive!

  • Fic Submissions should include: Title, author, rating, pairing, spoilers/warnings, disclaimer, prompt
    • Here is an easy to use table for your convenience:

  • Graphics submissions: tumblr graphics should be at least 500x500px, gif sets should contain at least two gifs, wallpapers should be 800x600px or bigger

  • Graphics submission posts should include: maker, prompt, teaser
    • Here is an easy to use table for your convenience:

  • Video submissions should be at least one minute long and video hosting site is up to you

  • Video submission posts should include: editor, disclaimer, song/artist, additional prompt (if applicable)
    • Here is an easy to use table for your convenience:

  • All submissions are moderated so I will make sure that the appropriate tags are added to every post

Q: Who can participate?
A: Anyone and everyone who has the desire to write Closer/Major Crimes fic, make graphics, edit a video for these awesome shows.

Q: Which ships are participating?
A: Any and all! You can submit prompts for any and every Closer ship and you can claim any prompts from the prompt list. We're open to het, slash and gen as long as it adheres to the livejournal terms of service.

Q: I don't have a livejournal though...
A: First of all, that's not a question... That is not a problem! Prompts can be submitted via tumblr (with the link above) as well and anonymous comments are enabled here on livejournal so if you don't have either you can still prompt and I'm happy to post links to fics/graphics/videos during the submission window if you don't have a tumblr either.

Q: What about crossovers?
A: Absolutely! Crossovers are amazeballs - they just have to contain at least one character from the Closer 'verse. Because otherwise this would just be anarchy.

Q: What if I'm not able to complete my claim?
A: If you're unable to complete your claim LJ message or Tumblr ask me so I can open your claimed prompt back up to other writers.

Q: Is this just for writing?
A: The prompt categories that I'm including are: fics, drabbles, graphics and videos. More details in the prompt submission page.

Q: My question wasn't answered, can I contact the mod?
A: Absolutely! I can be LJ messaged, you can comment to this post or Tumblr asked.