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30 March 2015 @ 12:45 pm
Prompt Claiming 2015!  

Total Claims: 25

  • Claiming prompts is simple! Just comment to this post or use the ask box on tumblr and tell me the number of the prompt(s) you're claiming, no need to copy and paste the prompt, I only need the number.
    • I encourage multiple prompts claiming but, because each prompt can only be claimed once, I ask that you only claim 1 to 3 prompts at a time, but please come back and claim more once you've completed your claim(s) :)

  • Each prompt can only be claimed once. You'll know a prompt has been claimed because I will cross it out and put the lj or tumblr name of the claimer next to it.
    • If you feel that you cannot complete your claim please let me know so I can open your claimed prompt(s) back up

(scroll down the page or use the category headers to jump straight to it)
Fanfic Prompts
  • Brenda/Sharon

  • Sharon/Andrea

  • Brenda/Mikki

  • Sharon/Mikki

  • Brenda/Andrea

  • Sharon/Ann McGinnis

  • Sharon/Andy

  • Sharon/Fritz

  • Patrice/Provenza

  • Sharon/Jackson

  • Sharon/Julio

  • Sharon/Provenza

  • Brenda/Fritz/Sharon

  • Brenda/Andy/Sharon

  • Brenda/Andrea/Sharon

  • Sharon Gen

  • Brenda Gen

  • Team Gen

  • Sharon, Rusty Mothership

  • Other
  • </ul>

    • Crossover

    • Andy/Fritz

    • Gavin/Fritz

    Vid Prompts
    • Brenda/Sharon

    • Sharon/Andy

    • Sharon General

    1 Brenda/Sharon - Sharon's kids don't like Brenda and Brenda doesn't like them
    2 Brenda/Sharon - Brenda spends her first Christmas without Willie Rae with Sharon and her kids a-hepburn-junkie
    3 Brenda/Sharon - Five times a date got cancelled because of work and one that went off without a hitch
    4 Brenda/Sharon - Things are awkward between Fritz and Sharon now that she's with Brenda AND he's a higher ranking officer
    5 Brenda/Sharon - Sharon takes Brenda to her college reunion and unexpectedly runs into Jackson
    6 Brenda/Sharon - Pre-Slash: stuck in traffic, forced to talk to each other shakespeare304
    7 Brenda/Sharon - Handcuffs
    8 brenda/sharon - wwii au sharon is a badass factory worker/rosie the riveter type and brenda is disguising herself as a man to go to war
    9 brenda/sharon - moving in
    10 brenda/sharon – friends with benefits dartingtonhall
    11 brenda/sharon – a series of pre-season 5 interactions; ie, in which brenda and sharon knew each other prior to their “meeting” in “red tape”
    12 brenda/sharon - alternate canon - sharon became the chief of police
    13 brenda/sharon - brenda shows up on sharon's door step in the middle of the night ultragirlvfr750
    14 brenda/sharon - when brenda sees sharon in red tape she realizes that she'd met sharon before when she was in the cia
    15 brenda/sharon - the first time brenda says "i love you" catches sharon off guard a-hepburn-junkie
    16 brenda/sharon - getting drunk together (pre-slash)
    17 brenda/sharon - How everyone in the office finds out about them and the one who is surprisingly jealous or upset ultragirlvfr750
    18 brenda/sharon - The arc of Brenda and Sharon's relationship told from someone else's perspective angelof9
    19 Brenda/Sharon - sharon has a pet and Brenda is really allergic
    20 Brenda/Sharon - kidnapped by Stroh
    21 Brenda/Sharon - tarot reading thewriteday
    22 Brenda/Sharon - sharon doesnt take it well when brenda leaves
    23 Brenda/Sharon - underwear dance party
    24 Brenda/Sharon - halloween is Sharon's other favorite holiday
    25 Brenda/Sharon - Sharon has a bad hair day
    26 Brenda/Sharon - love letters madampresident
    27 Brenda/Sharon - blurred lines
    28 Brenda/Sharon - roleplaying
    29 Brenda/Sharon - High School AU madampresident
    30 Brenda/Sharon - Undercover
    31 Brenda/Sharon - Brenda gets blood on her clothes and has to borrow Sharon's trudetheobscure
    32 Brenda/Sharon - Sharon investigates Brenda's OIS in "Executive Order"
    33 Brenda/Sharon - future fic, Sharon confesses that she used to be in love with Brenda
    34 Brenda/Sharon - Sharon has always had a thing about fixing people maxwellsmommy
    35 Brenda/Sharon - Sharon wears Brenda's pajamas missparker
    36 Brenda/Sharon - Brenda is uncomfortable with how close Sharon seems to be to the MC team
    37 Brenda/Sharon - stuck in a safehouse (with Rusty, if you like)
    38 Brenda/Sharon - post-"Red Tape", Sharon reflects on her expectations vs. the reality of BLJ
    39 Brenda/Sharon, Sharon/Andy, Brenda/Fritz - Andy and Fritz pretend not to know
    40 Sharon/Brenda - Brenda has loved Sharon for years, and Sharon has no idea
    41 Sharon/Brenda - Sharon doesn't want Brenda to go to DC
    42 Sharon/Brenda - they've broken up, and they're both miserable about it
    43 Sharon/Brenda - Andy plays matchmaker when he realizes that Brenda and Sharon are perfect for each other
    44 Sharon/Brenda - going dancing together yields surprising results
    45 Brenda/Sharon - despite Sharon's best efforts, Brenda meets Jackson
    46 Brenda/Sharon - in addition to divorcing Jackson to adopt Rusty, she's also planning on asking Brenda to marry her
    47 Brenda/Sharon - Sharon goes old fashioned and asks Clay for his permission to marry his daughter
    48 Brenda/Sharon - Sharon finds out about Brenda's DC job offer from Fritz and confronts her about it
    49 Brenda/Sharon - Brenda takes the job in DC and Sharon and Rusty follow her out there - the trials and tribulations
    50 Brenda/Sharon - Brenda takes the job in DC for a while and when she comes back she sees Sharon in a whole new light...
    51 Brenda/Sharon - Brenda meets Sharon when they're young, back when Sharon is a single mom struggling to juggle family responsibilities with work and also having a social life a-hepburn-junkie
    52 Brenda/Sharon - Brenda and Sharon are friends and they're drinking at Brenda's place one evening when they get a little carried away
    53 Brenda/Sharon - "I love you. I didn't come here to tell you that I can't live without you. I can live without you. I just don't want to." (from Rumor Has It)
    54 Brenda/Sharon - Brenda runs into Sharon at a women's kick boxing gym
    55 Brenda/Sharon - 5 times they almost called it quits and 1 time they decided to make a real go of it
    56 Brenda/Sharon - 5 times they almost started an affair, 1 time they did
    57 Brenda/Sharon - First time Brenda tells Sharon she loves her
    58 Brenda/Sharon - The zombie apocalypse happens and Sharon and Brenda just happen to be trapped on the roof of the LAPD
    59 Brenda/Sharon - Supernatural AU: Brenda is a vampire and Sharon is a werewolf
    60 Brenda/Sharon - Pretending to be straight and not in a relationship when hanging out with the Major Crimes crew only works for so long when drinking
    61 Brenda/Sharon - Not long after Rusty officially comes out to Sharon, she makes a confession of her own, that she's been struggling with her own sexuality and seeks his advice about pursuing Brenda.
    62 Brenda/Sharon - Brenda fell in love with Sharon at first sight even though she didn't have the right words to describe it at the time.
    63 Brenda/Sharon - Brenda's marriage is dissolved before she and Sharon start their relationship and it bugs her that Sharon is still married to Jackson.
    64 Brenda/Sharon - Sharon takes Brenda out to NYC to see Emily in a ballet and then they all go out to dinner afterwards and Emily is kind of a brat to Brenda (in front of Sharon or behind her back is up to you!) madampresident
    65 Brenda/Sharon - Brenda thinks it's weird that Sharon and Fritz are work friends now even though, for all intents and purposes, Brenda divorced him to be with Sharon
    66 Brenda/Sharon - Brenda wants Sharon to move to DC with her but Sharon is afraid to uproot her entire life
    67 Brenda/Sharon - Brenda doesn't understand why Sharon won't change her name
    68 Brenda/Sharon - Sharon is a mother through and through and Brenda isn't at all.Brenda thought the only way she could be in a relationship with a parent was if they were already grown and out of the house like Sharon's kids... but now that she's a foster mom to Rusty Brenda worries that there's no time or place for her
    69 Brenda/Sharon - Sharon has a personal tragedy (author's choice) and gives Brenda an out because their relationship is new and she doesn't expect anything from her and maybe Brenda takes it at first or is really tempted but eventually decides to stick around
    70 To keep their sex life spicy, Brenda buys Sharon a 'boudoir photography' package but then gets jealous when Sharon won't let her watch the 'shoot'
    71 Sharon threatens to withdraw all physical intimacy with Brenda until Brenda succumbs and goes on a REAL vacation with Sharon.
    72 Brenda/Sharon ship-Camping trip
    73 Brenda/Sharon - there's a death in Sharon's family and Sharon takes Brenda to a rowdy Irish wake and Brenda is surprised by how much of a party it is
    74 Brenda/Sharon - ski vacation (with or without Rusty and Ricky and Emily)
    75 Brenda/Sharon - Sharon's just trying to get her girlfriend and all her kids together for a nice dinner but Jackson crashes
    76 Brenda/Sharon - college au
    77 Brenda/Sharon - Sharon reminds Brenda of a girl who broke her heart in high school which is why she's such a jerk to her
    78 Brenda/Sharon - Brenda and Sharon are living together and Charlie comes to stay with them for a while and Rusty and Charlie don't immediately get along. 

    79 Sharon/Andrea - common interests
    80 Sharon/Andrea - erotica
    81 Sharon/Andrea - balancing act
    82 sharon/andrea - they had been together for a while but had broken up years ago. their relationship is rekindled when they have to go out of town together for a case
    83 sharon/andrea - andrea is extremely jealous when she heard the rumor that sharon and andy have been dating since he took her to his daughter's wedding
    84 Sharon/Andrea - Sharon remained legally married to Jackson for so long because she was afraid that being gay would have hurt her chances for success at the LAPD. Now that she's divorced him and working on getting more comfortable with herself Andrea starts out as a good friend/support system and turns into so much more than that.
    85 Sharon/Andrea - Recently divorced and still a bit repressed-Catholic, Sharon isn't totally out and Andrea tells her she understands that they're in different places with their openness about their sexualities but that she needs to be with someone who's really WITH her
    86 Sharon/Andrea - Brenda plays matchmaker (bonus if she's Sharon's ex)
    87 Sharon/Andrea - Sharon is injured on the job and she'll get completely better but it will take some time and they have to decide if their relationship is this serious
    88 Sharon/Andrea - Law School/DA's office AU
    89 Sharon/Andrea - When Rusty talks to Sharon about coming out to the Major Crimes crew he asks if she'll come out too and she can't really justify not acquiescing since she had encouraged him to be honest and this puts her on Andrea's radar
    90 Sharon/Andrea -angst- Sharon breaks ups with Andrea after things become serious because of her fears (her awful previous relationship with Jack, they're working relationship, rusty, etc.). Andrea is heart broken, later Sharon realizes her mistake and tries to fix the situation.

    91 Brenda/Mikki - striptease 
    92 Brenda/Mikki - sexting

    93 Sharon/Mikki Mendoza - power trip
    94 Sharon/Mikki - special delivery
    95 sharon/mikki - their relationship is supposed to be a secret, but mikki isn't really known for her discretion

    96 Brenda/Andrea - unexpected 
    97 Brenda/Andrea - comfort 

    98 Sharon/Ann McGinnis - tension
    99 Sharon/Ann McGinnis - secrets and lies
    100 Sharon/Ann - hidden tattoo

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    101 Andy and Sharon take a vacation together in let's say Paris
    102 Sharon and Andy have an 18 year old daughter who's taking exams, how do they comfort and counsel her?
    103 Sharon/Andy - Actually go on a date after they realize they're already dating colonelvegemite
    104 Sharon/Andy, Sharon/Jack - Sharon looks at Andy and sees what Jack could have been
    105 Major Crimes has a few days off and Sharon & Andy go away only to find that Provenza and Patrice are at the same place..or Brenda and Fritz. Awkwardness ensues.. littlemarieantoinette
    106 Established shandy. Sharon tries to seduce andy while he's watching the game on tv.
    107 Sharon/Andy - 'The talk' and by that I mean the 'okay, I guess we're dating' talk
    108 Sharon/Andy - Disagreeing over what movie to watch on a movie night at Andy's place
    109 Sharon/Andy - high school au

    110 Sharon/Fritz - Sharon doesn't love that Fritz came into the LAPD at a higher rank than her own
    111 Sharon/Fritz - Claire Howard doesn't get Sharon Raydor
    112 Sharon/Fritz - Fritz is a little worried about "messing up" another relationship and obsesses over what to do for Sharon for their anniversary.
    113 Sharon/Fritz - AU they meet when Fritz is 25 and Sharon is 34 and he really likes her but she has two pre-teens and all the challenges that come with being a long-hour-working, single mother.
    114 Sharon/Fritz - Jackson shows up and Fritz gets territorial which Sharon finds more macho/annoying than flattering
    115 Sharon/Fritz - Sharon and Fritz comfort each other after Brenda's death. And Fritz let's her in on a secret.
    116 Sharon/Fritz - Fritz proposes and Sharon says no!
    117 Agent Fritz Howard finds himself in a compromising position with Captain Sharon Raydor madampresident
    118 Sharon/Fritz - With Brenda in D.C. and Fritz and Sharon obsessed with finding Stroh they end up getting incredibly close
    119 Sharon/Fritz - Rusty doesn't like that Fritz left Brenda for Sharon (whether he actually left her for Sharon or that's just Rusty's perception is up to author)
    120 Sharon/Fritz - Five year anniversary
    121 Sharon/Fritz - Andy doesn't get what she sees in him

    122 Provenza and Patrice go on a cruise and there's a major crime, so he calls in Flynn and the rest of the team to help investigate. Everyone has fun/awkward times on the cruise during the case.
    123 Provenza/Patrice - After he breaks up with her she goes to his place and demands an actual explanation
    124 Provenza/Patrice - Patrice is scrutinized by his ex-wife/wives (depending on if you want to include more than just the one that we've seen in canon)
    125 Provenza/Patrice - He takes her to visit her granddaughter in prison

    126 Sharon/Jackson - Sharon's pregnant with Ricky and the beginning of the end of their relationship
    127 Sharon/Jackson - Sharon and Jackson could both party with the best of them but when Sharon gets pregnant she becomes reformed and Sharon and Jackson maybe don't have anything in common anymore
    128 Sharon/Jackson - trying to make amends

    129 Sharon/Julio - long car trip

    130 Sharon/Provenza - Sharon is being held hostage. Provenza tries to beat the clock to save the woman he is starting to care about a little too much. littlemarieantoinette
    131 Sharon/Provenza - stuck in the elevator! trope
    132 Sharon/Provenza - He realizes he has feelings for her when he realizes that he's not jealous because she's keeping Andy away, he's jealous because Andy gets to spend time with her
    133 Sharon/Provenza - Random acts of kindness, bringing her a cup of coffee, opening doors for her, little things that all add up. littlemarieantoinette
    134 Sharon/Provenza - He asks her if her offer of dinner (from episode one or two?) is still on the table and they go out to dinner and Sharon doesn't realize that he was asking her out

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    135 brenda/sharon/fritz - brenda and sharon are mad that fritz didn't tell them about his heart problems.
    136 brenda/sharon/fritz - brenda gets creative to distract sharon and fritz from the dodger's game
    137 brenda/sharon/fritz - alone at home everything is great but when they're out, some people and situations make sharon feel like the third wheel
    138 brenda/sharon/fritz - brenda and sharon team up to do something really special for fritz's birthday
    139 Sharon/Brenda/Fritz - Brenda's family is coming into town and Sharon offers to move out to avoid any awkwardness but Brenda decides she'd rather just tell them so Sharon stays and chaos/hilarity inevitably ensues. madampresident
    140 Sharon/Brenda/Fritz - (possibly a sequel to the above but not necessarily) Now that Brenda's family knows Sharon decides to bite the bullet and tell Rick and Emily - and what are the odds it won't get back to Jackson?
    141 Sharon/Brenda/Fritz - conflicting/busy schedules leave the trio a little frustrated
    142 Sharon/Brenda/Fritz - Sharon and Brenda go with Fritz to an AA meeting to be supportive
    143 Sharon/Brenda/Fritz - The first major decision since being a committed threesome
    144 Sharon/Brenda/Fritz - Sometimes Brenda feels like Sharon and Fritz gang up on her when they think she's being irrational
    145 Sharon/Brenda/Fritz - Rusty went from having no one to two mums and a dad
    146 Sharon/Brenda/Fritz - Someone (writer's choice who/under what circumstances) asking them those annoying personal questions like "do you really all have sex together?," "do Brenda and Sharon get jealous of each other?," etc.
    147 Sharon/Brenda/Fritz - Within a year of each other Fritz and Sharon both take retirement (he for health, she for politics or something but not health preferably), leaving Brenda as the only one with day job
    148 Sharon/Brenda/Fritz - (not established) Sharon walks in on Brenda and Fritz in Brenda's office madampresident
    149 brenda/sharon/fritz – they keep saying it’ll only happen one more time, but…

    150 Brenda/Sharon established - Andy's birthday present
    151 Sharon/Brenda/Andy - Brenda likes to hang back and direct her two lovers
    152 Sharon/Brenda/Andy - Andy has been with plenty of women over the years who drink without it being an issue but being with two women who both drink wine every day (and a little extra under stress) he finds it a bit bothersome

    153 Brenda/Sharon/Andrea - a little less conversation

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    157 Sharon - anything exploring her relationship with religion rosabelle
    158 Sharon - finally gets that promotion (and/or confronts Taylor/Pope about why she hasn't gotten it yet)
    159 Sharon can't keep her mouth shut and jumps into a baseball discussion accidentally revealing how much she has learned about the Dodgers much to the surprise of those around her (team/family/whatever)
    160 Andy/Brenda/Andrea/Rusty/the Team finds out that Sharon is really good at billiards. Maybe while on a date (bet involved?) or out at a group happy hour or maybe it's while she's undercover. Or any other situation you can come up with. Go for it!
    161 Sharon raydor - wardrobe malfunction
    162 Sharon, her parents and/or extended family heretherebeangst
    163 Sharon being a single mother when her kids are middle school/high school aged

    164 Brenda, team - AU, Brenda DOES become Chief of Police
    165 Brenda working through losing her mother
    166 Brenda's new job in DC

    167 Fear of an animal comes out unexpectedly during a case.

    168 Sharon, Rusty - coping with the sudden death of Sharon Beck rosabelle
    169 Sharon, Rusty - visiting colleges
    170 Sharon, Rusty - now that he's in college and she's busy they don't get to spend too much time together so they decide to take a cooking class heretherebeangst
    171 Sharon, Rusty - another reason Sharon feels so connected to Rusty is because she was also adopted
    172 Sharon, Rusty - she takes him on his first ski trip glisteningsun10
    173 Sharon, Rusty - after Rusty gets his heart broken by falling for someone straight, Sharon shares her own coming out story
    174 Sharon, Rusty - Rusty finds out or figures out that Sharon isn't 100% straight and he calls her out on not telling him when he was coming out to her

    175 Willie Rae - what did she want to talk to Brenda about in "Last Rites"?
    176 Shut up and dance with me.
    177 Karaoke night. You choose the pairing

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    178 Brenda/Sharon - Star Trek AU
    179 Sharon/Last Man on Earth - I'm thinking Sharon is one of the survivors and maybe other characters from tv shows are also survivors? Up to the author!
    180 Team (any/all), Harry Potter AU (my kingdom for Slytherin!Brenda/Ravenclaw!Sharon)
    181 Team (any/all), Walking Dead AU

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    154 Fritz/Andy - sober buddies
    155 Fritz/Andy - "this isn't a gay thing" 

    156 Fritz/Gavin - homoerotic

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    182 Sharon/Andy - Hey Leonardo by Blessid Union of Souls

    183 Brenda/Sharon - Sugar by Maroon Five
    184 Brenda/Sharon - Stuck Like Glue by Sugarland
    185 Brenda/Sharon - Every Girl Like Me by Sugarland
    186 Brenda/Sharon - I Wanna Talk About Me by Toby Keith

    187 Brenda - Girls Lie Too by Terri Clark

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    • Full submission guidelines will be closer to the posting window but for now the important thing to know is that all submissions should be at least 800-1,000 words and should be complete or be able to stand on its own if you know/think you'll expand it later

    • Posting begins on May 3, 2015

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    Countess Von Fingerbangmadampresident on March 30th, 2015 04:52 pm (UTC)
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